Why fertility awareness is cool, with love from me to you

It all started when I was 10 years old! I remember rolling around on the floor wondering what on earth was happening and in total shock at what my body was doing to me! 

My beautiful mother explained and it became a part of life. I thought it was completely normal to feel the way I did each month because that’s what my Mum went through too.

Until I was in my 30s when I met the man I wanted to spend my life with

I thought I would be able to get pregnant easily. But it didn’t happen like that

I had an ectopic pregnancy, miscarriages, I couldn’t get pregnant and wondered what was going on!

I saw three consultants and was misdiagnosed until I met the right one who changed my life

He detected I had endometriosis – well, that explained the awful pain I had suffered for all those years! I guess when I was young, endometriosis wasn’t something that was known too much about.

I also had a thyroid problem, it was under active and had progressively caused me to gain weight. with diagnosis, I managed to get down to the weight I had once been within 3 months and felt better than I had in years.

I had a polyp and a blocked tube (caused by the endometriosis) which were both resolved too.

Once all the above had been found and dealt with I went on to have my beautiful twin daughters

Now I know you think, well that’s a long way off for me!

Yes it is, you’re right and you need to have lots of fun and to follow your dreams. But while doing all those wonderful things, it’s also great to know that you are doing the best you can to keep your body in check.

So what does my older self say to the younger person I once was? 

It’s important to enjoy life and not place a huge importance on finding the right person, it will just happen one day.

I would also stress the importance of being ‘fertility aware’. Caring for your body, being aware of what can impact your health and the issues that can cause infertility. Just by knowing what can help you in your future when you may want to have a family can make all the difference. With 1 in 6 people worldwide having issues in getting pregnant, it’s worth doing what you can to preserve your fertility health.

I will definitely be passing everything I have learned onto my two gorgeous daughters

I am so very lucky to have them, in fact it’s pretty miraculous that I had them when I did. I will absolutely help them prepare for their future families and to give them fertility options.

Just by having this knowledge, they can pursue their ambitions and love for life without compromising their chances of having a family. That will mean so much to me and to them.

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