Breaking the silence by raising fertility awareness

There are so many women around the world experiencing menstrual issues each month

Pain, discomfort, terrible cramps, irregular bleeding. Yet these are sometimes considered the norm.

There can be so many reasons why we are experiencing these and some, if left untreated, can affect our fertility. Infertility has a number of causes that can be identified and treated successfully.

Our fertility is so important and so is our health and yet we seem to remain silent about something that is suffered by so many

The pill is often prescribed to help ease these issues, but this can just mask the hormonal imbalance behind the symptoms. For some women, hormonal contraceptives can cause more discomfort and even cause harmful issues.

Menstrual issues can also very often be a symptom of an underlying disease and it’s important to diagnose and treat the root cause

Diagnosis really is key. It’s important to understand what’s really going, so that the correct treatment for each individual case can be offered and you can help to protect your fertility.

What are the reasons behind some menstrual symptoms and infertility?

There are several possible reasons such as endometriosis, PCOS, uterine fibroids or polyps, cysts, thyroid issues, pelvic inflammatory disease, STDs and much more. By understanding the cause and treating it early on, it can only benefit you and your future potential of having a family.

Let’s all join together to break the silence, encourage fertility awareness and source answers and diagnosis.

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