What is Fertility Babble?

Fertility Babble is an exciting and revolutionary online magazine born out of hindsight by Tracey Bambrough and Sara Marshall-Page (IVF babble, Fertility Babble and charity, Babble Giving, founders).

A fresh and innovative magazine for the younger generation, it brings you the latest fertility news with breakthrough updates, sustainable fashion, beauty, nutrition and health tips along with expert advice.

The online magazine offers people the knowledge and support Sara & Tracey lacked and so desperately needed whilst they were going through their own lives and fertility journeys.

Fertility Babble is the guidance, support and information resource for the younger generation. It is brimming with comprehensive information, but like all good magazines, you can also get your celebrity fix with the latest celebrity fertility stories, along with invaluable advice on preventative action.

From the latest in fertility, Fertility Babble’s truly unique features make it an unmissable read

In each issue of Fertility Babble online magazine, you will find:

  • Latest fertility awareness news
  • Thought-provoking features
  • The latest celebrity fertility stories
  • Top tips on nutrition, health and fitness to boost your chances
  • Global fertility news

Fertility Babble is a lifestyle online magazine

  • Fertility awareness to give the younger generations options to protect their future families
  • Sustainable fashion and beauty
  • Lifestyle magazine covering today’s issues
  • Access to our Fertility Buddy network
  • Real-life issues and stories from the heart
  • Invitations to offline events
  • Celebrity gossip with discussions on their fertility issues
  • Access to experts

Why is it different?

It’s sole purpose is to inform, educate and empower young men and women with invaluable knowledge for their future.

There is no other magazine that offers you so much unbiased information, presented in such a friendly, clear and concise way.
The online magazine is full of fresh images and articles written in comprehensible language so that you are not scared away by the information you so crucially need.

IVFbabble breaks the mould of traditional ‘blue and wordy’ fertility websites. By breaking the mould with the design and content of our website, we hope to break the stigmas attached to fertility struggles and IVF.

What does Fertility Babble want to achieve?

We want to be the ‘go magazine’ for the younger generation encouraging a sustainable lifestyle and raising fertility awareness. Empowering with knowledge and options on their future fertility and preserving their fertility now.

All this presented in a lifestyle magazine covering every aspect of life for those embarking on the first years of their working lives. Equipping them with everything

We want to break the stigmas attached to fertility issues and IVF

IVF babble, our sister magazine, has gone some way in breaking the negative stigmas that are still attached to infertility and related treatments through the fresh and appealing design and content of the website and future offline events.

Despite the fact that 1 in 6 couples worldwide experience infertility, failing to conceive naturally has been perceived as failure. The mere mention of IVF or infertility evokes pity from friends and colleagues. This is because nobody talks about it and some websites that offer information are overwhelmingly alienating. We want to change this. We want people to embrace having knowledge about their future fertility, not be ashamed of it.

By presenting an online lifestyle magazine for the younger generation that is current and attractive to read, we hope that we can keep the attention of these young men and women, resulting in them absorbing information that could help them enhance their chances of success.

We want to connect people

We have launched Fertility Buddy, something that we wish we’d had. All you need to get started are details on where you live, if you’re considering egg freezing and/or what stage you’re at with your fertility journey to connect you with a fertility buddy going through or considering the same. Someone to share your fertility queries and journey with.

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