Cambridge University welcomes us to talk all things fertility

Here at ‘Babble Towers’ we are all about educating young people on fertility as we know how important it is to empower people for their own journey – after all knowledge is power

Being able to educate others with our own stories, experiences and journeys is incredibly important to us, so when we were invited to give a talk at Cambridge University Obstetrics and Gynaecology Society’s Annual Student Conference, we jumped at the chance.

This is the fourth year the society  has held the conference at the School of Clinical Medicine at Addenbrookes Hospital.

Our content editor, Claire Wilson, went along to give a short talk on our work to the 80 medical students, who are mainly in their fourth or fifth year of study.

There were several speakers at the conference including, consultant gynaecological oncologist at Addenbrookes Dr John Latimer, Dr Adalina Sacco, fetal research fellow at University College London, Dr Peter Greenhouse, sexual health consultant, Professor Kevin Dalton, a retired consultant gynaecologist and Emeritus fellow at St Catharine’s College, Cambridge, and our very special friend, Dr Larisa Corda, IVF consultant at Create Fertility.

Claire talked about the work that the ‘babble brands’ – IVF babble, Fertility Babble and Babble Giving – do. She said the talk was well received by the students, staff and society committee.

Claire said: “I was delighted to attend the conference and talk about the work we do here at IVF babble, our campaigns, charity work and Fertility Babble

“The students were great; really receptive to what we are trying to achieve and interested in our comments and opinion on improving the patient journey.

“I got the chance to talk to them afterwards about our work and they were genuinely interested in improving the experience for fertility patients they have in the future.

“I’d like to thank the society for the invite and hope to go back to the university soon to do more work with the students.”

Are you a medical institute or university? Are you hosting a conference? Let us know if you would like us to come in and talk to your medical students about infertility and our experiences of IVF, email to discuss in more detail.

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