Vanderpump Rules star Scheana Shay encourages women under 35 to freeze eggs

Vanderpump Rules reality television star Scheana Shay has revealed she has frozen her eggs and has urged anyone who is under 35 and has the financial means to do so

The 34-year-old, who divorced her husband, Mike after just two years of marriage in 2016, told Entertainment Tonight that she had been thinking about it for several years and now seemed like the perfect time.

She said at a recording of PodCastOne: “It was something that I thought about a couple of years ago, actually, when I was still married I thought about freezing embryos, I just knew our relationship was not in a place where we were ready to have children. A few months after that we ended up getting divorced. It’s been on my mind for a while. But now is the time, I’m doing it now. If I don’t do it now I never will. I woke up one day and stopped birth control.

“For me it’s been really easy and I don’t know if that is every woman’s experience. I am not scared of needles. The shots have not been hard. I was more nervous about the hormones. I thought I would be depressed, crying myself sleep and I have been fine.”

She added that if you are in a position to afford it and you are under 35 it should be something to consider

“I would never regret doing it, I would regret not doing it.”

Scheana said she will be doing the process again in a couple of months.

“My doctor said eggs are like money, you can never have enough.”

She said she had given up drinking and smoking weed and living a healthy lifestyle for the process.

Are you in your 20s or 30s and have frozen your eggs? If so, get in touch. We’d love to know why you decided to do it. 


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