Goldman Sachs latest firm to offer employees free IVF treatment

Investment bank, Goldman Sachs, will offer free IVF treatment and gender reassignment surgery to its staff in its London offices

The offer was announced by the bank’s chief executive, Richard Gnodde at a recent meeting, according to the UK media.

Staff at the US offices have already offered both treatments since 2008 and brings the UK operation in line with this policy

Over the past few years the bank has been labelled a ‘old boys club’ due to the lack of women in top jobs. It is believed the company is keen to employ more women, with a figure of half its new recruits by 2021.

According to, the bank stated: “We believe we are the first to introduce a guided pathway to ensure that in addition to providing fertility benefits, we are also partnering with a clinical group to ensure employees and dependants have support through process.”

The bank is the latest in a long line of companies that now offer free fertility treatments or free egg freezing opportunities to its employees. Others include Starbucks, Spotify, Chanel, Bank of America, Google and Discovery.

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